The Premature Burial

The Premature Burial Pic


He was a man of mighty words

He was loved throughout the town!

He preached to the needy herds

When in their sorrows they drowned


He was a man of many years

But his soul was so young!

Yet he could not help but fear

That his time here on earth was about done


He was a man in fast decline

His physical essence was about gone!

The crowds waited in line

To declare their “so longs”


He was a man now passed on

For his body was so cold!

Yet his soul stayed strong

And never left its mold


He was a man now entombed

For the grief was so strong!

There was a feeling of disquietude

As he was lowered under the lawn


He was a man who was now resting

In such a pleasant peace!

The people put forth their blessings

To the disappointment of his soul, for it was not yet deceased!


He was a man all alone

Now all alone in the ground!

Yet unfeasibly he uttered a moan

While his eyes looked around


He was a man now alive

Brought back from the dead!

Hi soul had survived

Helping to keep his heart fresh


He was a man stricken with luck

Yet in unison with misfortune!

For he was now forever stuck

In a box of retention!


He was a man now hoping to be saved

But he had to come to terms!

His future had fatefully been paved

For death was quickly approaching with yearn!

©Russell Lehmann 2014