About the Blogger

My name is Russell Lehmann, I am 24-years-old and, well, I write.  In all honesty I started this blog to hone my writing skills and gain a following.  Fun fact: I used to be a poet, and have published a book about my life where poetry is interspersed, revealing the true nature of my life’s journey.  Oh, and I also happen to have autism.  Skeptical? Check it out: www.autisticpoet.yolasite.com

This blog will feature a wide-range of topics, from the bizarre to the beautiful, from the ugly to the predictable.  In each post I will put my own philosophical twist on the true essence of the subject I’m writing about, in an attempt to turn the mundane into the exotic. Current events, investigative reports and the like will also be featured at times.  My aim is to produce substance.  To get you, the reader, to think about everyday things in a totally new perspective.  I want you to delve into the depths of your mind and extract ideas, beliefs, opinions and theories that you never realized you possessed.  Some posts, however, might serve no purpose at all and are just intended to make you laugh.

A very intelligent, insightful man once asked me: “Do you want to be known as an autistic writer, or a writer who just happens to have autism?”  It is my hope that this blog will make my answer clear.

Twitter: @Russell_Lehmann

Facebook: Russell Lehmann