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Mr. Halley

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Edmond Halley was an English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, and meteorologist recognized for computing the orbit of Halley’s Comet, which later took his name. In 1692, he proposed a theory that the Earth was hollow. This poem is written from the view of Satan, who resides inside the earth.


Mr. Halley

Year 1692 is when that blasphemous buffoon

Revealed the dwellings of man’s mind

A song of sorrow tune


In hollow earth his thoughts aren’t welcome

I put forth fire on my everlasting

Souls that were in tombs


He shall not last in man’s own head

For their psyches reside with me

And slumber in my bed


My home, he thought, is bright as day

He knew not it is the flames

Feeding on likes of him for play


The expanding air of my own singed lives

Releases to the world above

Making for the glacial lights


Dare not his ideas flow

Through the river of the blood

Ensuing to the float to those unbeknownst


Down! Down! I’ll come to pluck him from the sky

21 grams smothered in a fire

So hot the blaze will cry


Soon, not enough, he will accompany me

Into my dear bed

Filled with minds – temper free


Hesitance not taken to his own wit’s dying out

It is his time for him to be tucked in

No more spews from his shriveled spout


Invincible in future times of the past and present

I shall remain the captor of all thoughts

Mr. Halley, you will learn your lesson


Copyright ©2014 Russell Lehmann

A Recently Discovered Account of a Certain Species

Ant Short Story Pic

The following brief account will, by choice of my own, take place in 1872. Forgive me for my writing skills, for I am not, by any means, a writer.

This description will include the sights seen and the actions taken by a certain living being. Let me first, however, describe to you the attributes of this being. It is a male being of normal body type (of course this all depends on what one constitutes as “normal”) and of average size for its kind. He ventures through towns and forests alike, and is of high esteem to his fellow peers. He is also very determined and extremely pertinacious, never letting anything get in the way of the task that is at hand. He could be called a hard worker, but that would be an understatement. He is one of the strongest beings on earth, yet every second of every day he must look askance at his surroundings and be keenly aware of his presence. He is a carnivore, and devours the most unusual creatures. Furthermore, his speed and quickness is almost incomparable to any other being. He has the ability to cover over fifteen body lengths in under a second, and that is just at the beginning of such a sprint (for we all know that the start of a sprint is the slowest).

Let me now describe to you a day in the life of this being. He hunts in the early morning and is almost always successful in bringing down his prey. His peers may join in on the hunt, which usually brings about teamwork and not scuffles. Although of high intellect, he may stray off his turf unintentionally at times, which can be extremely dangerous. During such times, he may encounter perceived predators that have the ability to kill him without the least bit of effort. When times like these arise, he must use his quickness and intelligence to lead himself out of danger. Usually his peers will help him escape in such circumstances and assist him in returning to his rightful habitat. His peers are invaluable, for not only do they look out for each other, they collaborate when work needs to be done. If an area this being would like to venture to is out of his reach, his peers will build him a ladder in which he can use to access the aforementioned area. I could go on and on, but these are the vital facts that I feel you should know.

This account describes a being of exceptional merit. Although overlooked by many others, he has the abilities that almost no other living thing can measure up to. I am of course talking about Solenopsis Queritor, or the gripper ant. I am the sole discover and cataloguer of this remarkable being, having found him back in 1869 on the banks of the Amazon near the city of Iquitos, Peru.

I felt in necessary to acquaint you with such a remarkable being, and in relaying this brief account of its physical description, traits and skills, I hope that you yourself will be just as amazed as I am with its inhabitation here on earth.


-John Myers Philmore

Entomologist and Professor

University of London, 1883


©Russell Lehmann 2014